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Philly is Phat

Break it on down! Phat parties and good times in Philly… The summer is in high gear with lotsa cool parties to get your groove on.

One of the best outdoor jams to date was the “Messin’ Around” party in the Mark-Ward park Sunday July16th. The sun was blazin’ on the b-ball courts and everyone had their sun block and dogs in full effect. Cool chix with Great Danes and guys with Beagles laid in the shade while crazy folks played Frisbee and baseball. Dj Argo hooked the parkfest up, with a free BBQ, turntables and a generator for the mad voltage…On the bill were djs Malcolm, 99, Argo, Koji, Sean Thomas, Milkweed, and myself. The sets were jammin! The party spawned a WICKED mix CD of all the dj sets that will be sold with proceeds going towards keeping the party going.The next party will be Saturday July 29th, same place, noon till dark.

But wait! Did I say phattest? Hell no! The largest blockparty was right in the heart of downtown Philly, in the shadow of city hall. It was July 4th,and the city was getting’ hip by hiring djs as part of their Welcome America July 4th celebration, which is, without a doubt, a big deal in Philadelphia. I got on the bill with local supersonic dj Lorne and we got a soundstage with artists who were painting to the music. It was mad cool scene, with all the center city streets blocked off, and about 5 soundstages up and down Broad Street. I don’t think the committee that organized the event knew what they were getting into- We turned it OUT! We had the whole street bumpin’ to Brazilian beats, house, breakbeats and classic jams. A dance team from a local high school showed up and kicked it out even more. It was amazing to see old ladies, breakdancers, business men and families all getting’ down. We had a blast…

But Wait! An Even LARGER Party occurred in the meantime All hands on deck for the Cat’s birthday! Ok well it wasn’t that large, but it sure felt like the planet realigned itself as the music of Mr. Chips (giant Step, NYC) Koji (Global Soul) Jugo (Cue/Magnetique) and dj Low-rent (Vienna) took turns blowing the speakers… Head nods to world famous producer Vikter Duplaix (recently appearing on: “The INCredible sounds of Gilles Peterson” album) Bikini Bandit chix, James Poysner ( Erica Badu, D’angelo), Cojax, Cashman-Mailin, MediaBureau Networks, the hilarious MC Lorne and glitterati hopefuls that entered the raffle and won things like beef jerky, and a new toilet brush! All I remember is that ’nuff Champagne was spilt/drunk/lost along with the sillystring and mini glo-stix you put in your mouth…They carried me home, my friends, but you only turn 13 once.

Hold up Wait a minute!
The absolutly BIGGEST live event (ha ha, no really,) was Giant Step Monday @ Shine. ( Broadway/Canal)This is an ongoing party, but what dragged my ass up from Philly? Bossa Mundo was in the house! A wicked CD release of this compilation, the brainchild of Bob Sinclair and Yellow productions (France). They had an incredoble show with a live bangin Brazilian percussion ensemble killing those drums, dj Yellow on the decks and live performance by Brazilian singer Salome de Bahia who sang all her cool trax, including the Bossa tres Jazz trak of the Stevie Wonder remix, Another Star. I hung with my Vienna posse and chilled with a Capriola ,a Brazillian drink with mint, sugar cane and crazy booze. There were beautiful slides of Brazil on the walls–So I can’t afford to go there, this was the next beast thing! The Brazillian culture is so hot in the club culture right now; it’s off the hook! Very cool night that ended up in a late night Japanese restaurant eating eel and watching the footage back from the evening on a cool little DVD recorder. Unfortunately, I missed the last bus and ended up sleeping in Penn Station with about 50 other people who were waiting till 6am, the first train outta Dodge! Sometimes NY doesn’t want you leave…That’s why I live in Philly!

Sweet concerts this month:
De la Soul with Common (Common rocked!)
Jill Scott’s CD release @ Zanzibar Blue (A ghetto fabulous event—you go Philly girl!)
Kina @ Katmandu (another sista with moxy)
Steely Dan @ E-center (The first album after 20 yr. still has their classic sounds) respect to Giant Step for the free tix!
Sutpen’s Jungle 2 @ EFC (America’s largest drum n bass event did not disappoint even though the venue sucked by confiscating gum, makeup and backpacks at the door)
Change @ Shampoo (Packed like sardines till 6am with djs Cosmo, big Rich, Randall Jones)

Cool albums out now:
Bahamadia – BBQueen (goodvibes recordings) Philly’s hiphop queen is supremely mellow
New Jazz Hustlers (Internal Base) funky dance jazz with Soul!
Carl Craig (the remixes) (planet e) super deep quality grooves from the master!

Till next time, go out and party, and tell ’em Cozmic Cat sent ya……………………..Peace Coz

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