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Philly Abounds With Love

Yes yes, y’all! Who got the vibe? Well Philly is the city of bro/sisterly love, especially when the weather starts to cool off like it is now. — The Lid on the summer pressure cooker is being released Sllllloooowwwwlyy. I hate to say fall already but let’s not front, ‘cos here it is.

Some cool events and phat parties went down in the last few weeks, and one of them was the unstoppable Giant Step record label 10 yr. anniversary bash. They held the jammy in Center Stage in Central Park – (That’s in NY by the way, not Philly but I gotta reprazent the Giant Step posse!) The System was off the hook with dj and producer Ron Trent (US) and dj Gilles Peterson (UK) warming up the set with huge Bossa jazz tunes and summer-time jams. The main act was the indomitable Femi Kuti (Nigeria)!!. With press passes hooked up from Backspin promotions, I was in the zone, running around watching the artists horse around back stage and generally having an awesome time. Femi was his usual energetic, incredible self, busting out his Afrobeat funk to a bubbling NY crowd. Opening the set was a wicked tapster Tamango, who knocked out phat jams with his shoes…Also on the bill were British superstars Lamb who rocked the house. The soft spoken lead vocalist had an eerie, sweet energy about her that freaked the crowd and the bassist and keyboardist tore around like insane soccer players, hyping up everyone till the roof nearly blew off the stage. Newcomer to the Giant Step label, Mark Anthony Jones showed off his cute little butt in skintight, sky-blue velvet hiphuggers, and crooned out jamz that sounded like Hendrix meets Kravitz meets Prince etc… dj Gilles and Ron rocked it out… I must give props to Nicodemous from Rhythmlove records ( for coming with the fresh goods. Congrats to GS on 10 yrs!

Back in P-town, the vibe is a little more mellow but still groovin’ hard with a brand new Sunday party called “Lowlife”. The blowout features djs Lorne, Joey Blanco, Gigi, Tribal funk sista Jivey, and myself in an all out attempt to put the fun back in the parties of Philly. My boy Jeff pulled out a wall of computers and laid down the illest video graphics ever! In the house were also world renowned Reni Harris Dance Co. with Zen and Cricket break-dancing on the floor. The jam was also the web launch of I We clothing, ( with C.E.O Robin and President Melinda on hand styling’ their new clothing line. . Sistas doin’ it! Afro wigged Nicky London was the door diva, giving out 300 bags filled with promos from Giant Step, Sire records,,, and local promoters.
Speaking of the Dot COM music scene, Congrats to Bart and Kharma who recently relocated from Philly to work @ Good luck and Peace!

Gearing up in Philly for the Philadelphia City Paper Music Awards… This cat (the Cozmic one) has been nominated in the category of “best dj, mixer”, so wish me luck! The ceremony goes down Sept. 21st. That’s the same day I’ll be dj-ing the Silent Auction for grrrly run online art gallery It mark s their 1 yr. anniversary- Artists can get their work online (for free), so all visual artists out there take heed. It’s also a great resource for jobs, contests, and galleries in the artsy farts world.

A final Messin’ Around party in the park seemed to officially end summer with lots of local djs spinning funky sets and BBQ-ing in the (gray) Philly sun. The mixed CD is dope, cos it goes all over the place in terms of musical styles. The boys and girls @ Messin Around put up a website @, so check it out!

Also check out: new Junior Vasquez, new Hooverphonic, new Sade, and new dj Cam

Club newz in Philly: Eden Roc continues flavor Thursday under the capable hands of Crasta, so support! Club S.O.M.A (South of Market) gets set to open in early October with Cozmic Cat running as “musical curator”. New on the scene are licensed Club Space, and Rococo, which will be a club, not a restaurant. Upstages bought by whom? Twenty Manning gets clubby promoted by Gyro marketing…Wanna hear the best sounds in town from the djs you know and love? Check out these nightly spots, and email with any new scoop!

Have a Corona with lime for me! Peace dj Cozmic Cat ,kitty cat Max, and the Groovelounge Posse in effect!

Cozmic Spaces
The finest ingredients are right in the mix…
The Remedy @ Fluid. 613 s.4th street. 215.629.0565. $5
Djs Cosmo & Big Rich Medina spin underground hiphop anthems for the ghetto fabulous. “Don’t step on my new Nikes” vibe. $5 cover
Magnetique @ Silk City Lounge 5th & Springgarden 215.592.8838. Twisted beat science with djs Jugo & Jeff. Never pretentious, always free
Artists Den @ Bar Noir 112 s. 18th street. Local singer/songwriters strut their stuff to a packed & smoky neighborhood crowd. Free
Black Lily @ the Five Spot 5th S. Bank street, 215.574.0070. Motive records/ artist showcase with black women open mic hosted by Ryva. Jam hot and jam-packed. $5
Fly @ Marmont. 222 Market street 215.923.1100. Dj Sean Thomas and guests spin dreamy house for a dreamy crowd. Cliquey and free
Heavy @ Saint Jack’s 45 s 2nd street. 215.238.9353. Dub reggae and deep house for dreds with Mr. Nice Guy dj Rob Paine. Roll a fatty, it’s free.
Lucy’s Hat Shop. 247 Market street .215.413.1433, obscure obnoxious hiphop interlaced with wonderful reggae classics, kind of like the crowd. Free…
Metro @ Twenty Manning, Twentieth and Manning street 215.731.0900: Bossa house and jazzy grooves with dj Cozmic Cat. Upscale but comfortable lounge setting… free
Soulglow @ Filos. 408 s 2nd street. 215.238.0151. Trip hop n’ jazz with Willyum and guests. The “in crowd” pays respect to the undaground grooves. Free
Hiphop Wednesday @ Sugarmom’s 225 Church street 215.925.8219 Dj’s Sean and Abu spin old school jammies and hot reggae flavors for the original basement gang… Free of both attitude and cover charge
Flavor Thursday @ Eden Roc 1437 South Street. 215.732.3939
Three floors and 45 djs rotate on a monthly basis. Live electronica, roof-deck, dancefloor and “in the biz” vibe. $5
Social Security Saint Jack’s 45 S 3rd street, 215.238.9353. Dj Lorne is the benevolent host of this bumpin’ loungey affair
Salsa @ the Five Spot. 5 S. Bank street, 215.574.0070. Serious couples cut a rug while Cesar and his Latin Playboys freak out on the congas. Dj Aaron Levinson teases you with rare Latin vinyl. $5
Afrorican Vybes @ Fluid. 613 s.4th street. 215.629.0565. Djs Eric Colon, Rich Medina and Denis Perez kick out garage classics and tribal beats to a clubby crowd

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