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One Bad Habit

“Self Titled”
Twin Dragon Records


The first things that struck me when I popped One Bad Habit’s self titled album into my cd player were the bluesy guitar feel and Alice Templeton’s power vocals. She has a soulful voice that sounds a lot like Blondie’s Debbie Harry. This release from the Tucson, Arizona based band covers a vast amount of topics from the heavy and depressing to the light and airy. It is a combination that leaves the listener one hundred percent musically fulfilled. The first song on the cd, “April Fool” is about a horrible crime that happened to a friend of the band. It is sad and touching. One song I really liked was “Blue Lullaby.” It had me imagining myself in a smoke-filled speakeasy. The track “SunShine,” conjures up rays of happiness and bright laughter. This is a great cd! If you have “one bad habit” let it be this band!

-Katie Kiedyk

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