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The Process of Belief

Being that I have never really known the band’s history, except for what I’ve read in zines and stuff. But what I do know is that this is one of the core bands of punk rock, starting out from the early 80’s. I had met their newest addition, the drummer, Brooks Wackerman, at a Vandals show towards the end of last year in Las Vegas, NV. He was taking the place of their drummer, Josh Freese and knew that he had drummed for the Vandals before. A friend of mine at the show had mentioned Brooks had just jumped onto being Bad Religion’s new drummer. The only other album I’ve heard from them was, “Stranger Than Fiction”. I bought it right after listening to “The Process of Belief”. After hearing the single, “Sorrow”, for the first time on a local radio station. I have to admit, I paid no attention, at the time, I was thinking,” Oh, who cares?!” But after much buzz about the anticipation and rave reviews about this album, I decided to give it a try and actually listening to it. When I heard the lyrics, my mind had changed… completely 180 degrees of what I had thought. After hearing “Sorrow”, I was definitely waiting to hear the whole album.

I was handed the newest release from Bad Religion and immediately popped it into my CD player. The buzz about this release was exactly, if not better, than I’d imagined. I loved it… the lyrics, the rhythm, the vocals! All the songs are awesome, but my favorites would have to be “Supersonic”, “Can’t Stop It”, “Destined For Nothing”, and “Epiphany”. This is definitely an addition to my “Must Have” CD list. It has now won a spot in my car’s CD player. Greg Graffin (vocals), Brett Gurewitz, Greg Hetson, Brian Baker (guitars), Jay Bentley (bass), and Brooks Wackerman (drums) make this six piece band called Bad Religion. They’re currently on tour, so try to make it out to see this amazing band. Tickets are hard to obtain, believe me, I am so sick of the Ticketmaster people telling me, “It’s sold out!”. But above all, get Bad Religion’s new album “The Process of Belief”, it rocks!
Also check out their site as well as Epitaph Records for more awesome bands:

–Nancy Tsai

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