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Cool Grrrls Kick Ass!

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I’d be lying if I claimed no bias in rating Cool Grrrls Kick Ass! Lying with my fingers crossed behind my back, my toes curled over each other for good measure, and my eyes trained on the floor so no one could behold their deceitful glint. With that said, let me also say that I never develop biases without good reason. And in this case, my Cool Grrrls Kick Ass bias boils down to the fact that the website that produced it means so much to me. For almost two years has been my haven. A sanctuary that wraps me in a warm blanket any time I get down in the dumps about the state of the music industry. An internet palace where grrrls are always royalty, and their need to rock through life is celebrated.

The website’s first ever compilation CD serves the same purpose. It has sixteen tracks from girl bands across the world, each one jamming louder and harder than the next. All it took was one spin on my stereo before I was convinced that this record is the definitive soundtrack to my life. Tirany kicks things off with So Long, a frisky independence anthem celebrating a girl’s need to do her own thing. Lava Baby isn’t far behind on Sex Junkie, a poppy tune with an irresistible chorus and enough “doo do do do doos” to fill my head for hours. And The Hissyfits, one of my old favorites, bust through the speakers with the grinding bass and haunting lyrics of Something Wrong 2001. But those tracks aren’t the only ones worth mentioning. Gore Gore Girls put the bad back into badass when they bang away on Hot Rod Breakdown. Manda and the Marbles revive the best aspects of 80’s rock with Dangerous. Riff Randells bring glory to the power chord on Lethal Lipgloss. And Dada Stunt Girl reminds us of the importance of feminism, urgently chanting, “Come on girls let’s liberate. Come on girls let’s educate…” on their fist-raising, heart-pounding groove, Femmenstruation Liberation.

I could go on, but gushing anymore might remind you of that bias I previously mentioned. It might make you think that I’m only plugging this CD because I write for the site. And that’s not true. has and always will hold a special place in my heart, but my love for the webzine has nothing to do with my love for Cool Grrrls Kick Ass! The latter love was spawned in response to the hearty spirit and superior quality of the album’s music. If you don’t believe me, check it out yourself. You’ll see that this collective effort kicks ass, takes names, and knocks down walls, all in the the name of fun and good music.

-Jenny Seay

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