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Knock Knock Knock
Sub Pop

You wouldn’t expect much in the way of good music from the Satanist and retirement capital of Canada. But Victoria, BC is where Hot Hot Heat hail from and have been playing they’re brand of synth-rock, prog-rock, art-rock whatever you wanna call it since 1999. I can’t believe they still haven’t moved out of the small tourist town but now with a release on Sub Pop and tours a head of them they’re ready to take on a bigger audience. This definitely isn’t a debut record but it is their debut with this “new” line-up (which features a guitar which the previous lacked). Previous releases with the “old” line-up include a couple 7-inchs, a split LP w/ The Red Light Sting, and a full-length CD collection of most of their previous recordings. None of the songs on this CD should be new to anyone who has seen the band in the past year or so. they’ve been a mainstay in the bands set list. The long wait to actually put something out with this line-up seems like a smart idea to me because they’ve built up a fan base on their live shows and have gotten extremely tight (and I’m not just talking about the pants) before worrying about touring with a new record, etc. A few months ago it seemed like most people were split down the middle with which incarnation of HHH they preferred (the early more punk sounds to the recent more complex oddities) but now after constant persistence with live shows I think the majority of people like the “new” HHH sound. Hell, I’ve even been won over. Stand out songs (even though there are only 5) would obviously be “Le Le Low” and “5 Times out of a 100” both having music videos and radio play but my favourite is “Touch You Touch You”.

–Mar, Vancouver @ Nite

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