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  • 1none

    None More Black

    “File Under Black” Fat Wreck Chords $$$ None More Black formed in 2000, just after lead singer Jason Shevchuk quit a little band called Kid Dynamite. He did this to pursue his education in film but soon found out that he could not stay away from the music. The cd, descri bed as containing “hardcoreRead More…

  • 3jenniebomb

    Sahara Hotnights

    Jennie Bomb Jetset $$$$ My new favourite band and it’s not the Hives but their Swedish sisters in rock Sahara Hotnights. Why is Sweden such a hot bed for rock’n’roll right now?? It’s crazy. And it’s not a new thing either both Sahara Hotnights and The Hives are on their second albums and have beenRead More…

  • lachica

    Elaine Lachica

    “9” $$$ Elaine Lachica rocks it. Musically, I don’t like it. It’s very different. Her music mixes alternative-soul with some “ethereal electro-acoustic soundscapes”. Influenced by the likes of Tori Amos, Bach, and Nike Drake, I can certainly hear the Tori Amos and Bach-like sounds throughout the CD. I give big props to this artist forRead More…

  • 11kastlet

    The Fight

    “Home Is Where The Hate Is” Fat Wreck Chords $$$ Whats just as good as being a punk band from the U.S.? Being one from the U.K. Despite the fights of where it all began, both areas produce high quality punks. With a sound reminiscent of early 80’s punk bands such as X-Ray Specs andRead More…

  • 2theskulls

    The Skulls

    “Therapy for the Shy” Dr. Strange Records $$$$ Formed in LA in 1978 and having been around for the original rise and fall of punk, The Skulls have a sound that is punk in its most wholesome form. I like The Skulls, the raw power and energy the music exudes is contagious and wild. TheirRead More…

  • 2enmarks

    Jennifer Marks

    “It Turned Me On” Red Kurl Records $$$$ Being a musician in New York is like being an apple in the produce section of the supermarket. There is not much chance you are gonna get noticed-but once in a while you one really spectacular piece of fruit that makes the rest of them look allRead More…

  • 1HERB

    The Epoxies

    s/t Dirtnap Records $$$ “New Wave from Portland, Oregon” Is what their website exclaims! Wow, new wave from anywhere is pretty exciting but from anywhere in the North-West makes it even better because they’ll probably play Vancouver on tour more than once. The one time the Epoxies did play here so far I was outRead More…

  • tJillbsm

    Iron and Wine

    “The Creek Drank The Cradle” Sub Pop Records $$$$ When I first received the cd, I had no idea what to expect. There was no band or graphic on the cd that gave away the kind of music I should anticipate. I put the cd in and was pleasantly surprised. Iron and Wine has aRead More…

  • 8Volumizer


    Gaga for Gigi Mint Records $$$$ All right, supergroup anyone? Vancouver has been playing host to many local supergroups in the past few years (New Pornographers?) but here’s a supergroup made up of old skool Vancouver punk rockers. Entire album song writing credits are given to Jade Blade once the front girl of the RamonesRead More…

  • aEarshot


    Letting Go Warner Bros. $$$ If you are into heavy stuff, look no further then Earshot. I’m trying to find a band to compare them too, because they do remind me of a few bands, but I just can’t put my finger on it. “Headstrong” opens the CD and is just mind blowing. I wasn’tRead More…

  • 1lib

    Liberation: Songs To Benefit PETA

    Compilation Fat Wreck Chords $$$$ Take 16 of today’s best punk rock artists and put them on a cd for a good cause and you get “Liberation: Songs To Benefit PETA.” I was very excited when I received this cd. Being a vegetarian concerned with animal rights myself, it was quite a rush to seeRead More…

  • strungoutcd

    Strung Out

    An American Paradox Fat Wreck Chords $$$ I was feeling this CD. I’m not a hardcore punk fan, but I really liked what these guys have. Right from the get-go, you will find yourself headbanging along to the songs or moving somehow. Listening to these guys, you are not going to sit still! They kindRead More…

  • 1amazombies


    “Bitches and Stitches” Go-Kart Records $$$$$ The best new street punk band from the West Coast has to be the Amazombies. Lead singer Kim has a v oice fit for punk and delivers the songs with raspy, gutteral precision. One of the standout songs on this cd definitely has to be “That’s Right,” a trackRead More…

  • 1strung

    Strung Out

    “Live in a Dive” Fat Wreck Chords $$$$ Being a Strung Out fan to begin with, I was psyched to receive the fourth edition in Fat Wreck’s “Live in a Dive” series. This cd includes a good mix of old favorites and the band’s newer songs. Included on the cd is a cover of OzzyRead More…

  • 3cgfab2


    PinkiMojo $$ PinkiMojo is a 6 member team. If you are into pop music, this CD is for you! This CD also throws some rock and ska into the mix. The CD is full of catchy songs that are radio friendly. It’s a very relaxing CD. Pinki Mojo has two vocalists, Melody and Julia. TheyRead More…

  • tsunami

    Tsunami Bomb

    “The Ultimate Escape” Kung Fu Records $$$ Tsunami Bomb are a four piece punk band fronted by a female! Yes, a female. The band was infact discovered by AFI’s Hunter Bergan. Tracks like “Russian Roulette” and “Say it if you Mean it” kick ass. Agent M has a wonderful voice. After the band officially joinsRead More…

  • kt

    Kidney Thieves

    Zerospace Extasy Records What do you think a Pretty Hate Machine can produce? How about Kidney Thieves? Lead singer, Free Dominguez, is your female Trent Reznor. And yes, she will get you closer to god. There is not one thing bad I can say about this CD. You take a look at the cover ofRead More…

  • Melissasm

    Pony DaLook

    “Self Titled” Ont. Records $$ While most bands consist of a guitar, bass drums and vocals, Pony Da Look is a band made up of three keyboardists and a drummer. Their music is quite driving and artistic. Their sound is techno based electronic with chant-like vocals. The intro to the first track, “Ghost Pants,” soundsRead More…

  • 3cgfab2

    The Arsons Whole Life Crisis

    Chunksaah Records $$$ A band from Jersey?! Oh hell yea! Finally another band to review that is not to far from Philly. This CD is just off the walls. You feel like getting up, running and breaking stuff! Highlight songs so far: “Whole Life Crisis”, “Panasonic” and “Let it Go”. -Laura Encarnado

  • 1good

    Good Riddance

    “Bound By Ties of Blood and Affection” Fat Wreck Chords $$$ Hard-driving punk rock. That is the best way to describe “Bound By Ties Of Blood And Affection,” the latest release from Good Riddance. Lead singer, Russ Rankin writes political columns and essays that frequently appear in a variety of publications. Rankin’s political background reallyRead More…

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