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  • 0trickywoo

    The Push Cushions

    Loved By Many, Loyal To Few $$$ There are four songs on this release. Each dealing with the insecurities one feels growing up. They all fit in perfectly considering the idea of The Push Cushions started with 2 bored girls on a spring semester class. Everyone have had boy experiences and insecurities growing up andRead More…

  • manda

    Manda and the Marbles

    “More Seduction” Go Kart Records $$$$$ Manda and the Marbles is remarkable! There are many female fronted bands out there that miss the mark but this band hits the bullseye. Manda has a voice with the right combination of huskiness and girliness. With influences such as Joan Jett and The Go-Gos, Manda and the MarblesRead More…

  • 0guttersm

    Mia Doi Todd

    “The Golden State” Columbus Records $$$ If you are looking for something new, fresh and original, look no further than Mia Doi Todd’s newest cd, “The Golden State.” Being a literate, classically trained singer, Mia Doi Todd has a voice as clear as the blue sky and an intelligence for song writing that is justRead More…

  • 2TheHellacopters

    The Hellacopters

    “Cream of the Crap Volume 1” Gearhead Records $$$$ If you are fan of energy-fueled classic rock riffs, you will love the newest release from The Hellacopters. “Cream of the Crap Volume 1” is composed of all of the Hellacopters’ best hits including some not previously ever released on CD. This aggressive rock band formedRead More…

  • zuco103


    “Stavesacre” Nitro Records $$$$ My first impression of Stavesacre upon listening to their newest release was that they sound like a cross between Tool and Soundgarden. They make it work. I have heard rave reviews of this band before and can now verify all of the good things I’ve heard. The music is a combinationRead More…

  • 1gina

    Majandra Delfino

    “The Sicks” 10/2001 Dripfeed Records $$$$ There’s an embarrassing history of Hollywood actors attempting to be singers. With a grimace I can recall hearing the albums by David Hasselhoff, Joey Lawrence and Edward Furlong (especially Eddie’s version of The Door’s “People Are Strange” * shudder*). Perhaps eliminating the requirement for actors to sing and danceRead More…

  • b6

    Sixty Six Kicks

    “Self Titled” $$$ Sixty Six Kicks is a glam punk band from Toronto that has an 80’s pop rock feel to it. Think The Cars with female vocals. The song “Girl to Go” has driving guitar riffs and a sparkly metallic feel to it while “Radio” has glossy pop rock sounds to it. Their liveRead More…

  • 8cddist

    The Distillers

    Sing, Sing, Death House $$$$ After the debut of they’re self titled album in April of 2000, I thought they couldn’t get any better but they did. To quote an interview with Brody I once read in Juice that was written by Robin Fleming “The Distillers are a punk rock chemist’s proudest batch of hooch.”Read More…

  • 7ElijahFrankeMar

    No Use for a Name

    Hard Rock Bottom Fat Wreck Chords $$$ It is surprising that someone would open up with a slow song. The opening song, “Feels like Home”, the song starts out kind of mellow and then quickly jumps into “International You Day” which is just a kick ass song. Man, forget about reading this review. Just goRead More…

  • 3Isness

    The Future Sound of London

    “The Isness” Hypnotic Records $$$$ Are words like glockenspiel, sitar and tablas like a foreign language to you? If so, they are probably instruments you have never heard of and surely never heard. On The Future Sound of London’s new release, you have the opportunity to hear them all. When I listened to this cd,Read More…

  • 11

    Kasey Chambers

    Barricades and Brickwalls Warner Brothers Records $$$$ Kasey Chambers may be considered Alt Country, however this Australian has more true country soul than most chart topping country musicians today. It would seem that this Alt. Country movement should be a move away from the typical country sound, but in reality its turning away from theRead More…

  • 1jhiatt

    V/A Compilation

    “It’ll Come To You…The Songs of John Hiatt” Vanguard Records $$$$ Any true music fan will recognize the name John Hiatt. He had an impressive career that spans over 25 years and 19 albums. He is an enticing performer and an beloved songwriter. That is why it is not shocking that such exceptional acts likeRead More…

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